Queen Sized Mattress Prices

Many consumers share the mistake of costing thousands of dollars for a high-quality queen-sized mattress. This is true for some models, though it is also possible to use budget-friendly beds. Queen-sized mattresses provide the same high-quality materials and high performance despite their affordable price points as so many of their most expensive counterparts.

The average queen-sized mattress costs around $1000, but it is dependent on the queen-sized mattress you are interested in how much you can expect to pay. Latex queen-sized mattresses and hybrid queen-sized mattresses are higher in quality than other types; sometimes, a queen-sized mattress almost costs 2000 dollars. The memory foam queen-sized mattress and traditional indoor queen-sized mattresses are usually around $1,000, and some hidden gems and budget costs can cost a queen-sized mattress less than $1,000. If you’re wondering about what is the size of a queen mattress we’ve got you covered.

The cost of a queen-sized mattress also depends on the brand. Many companies offer very low price for queen-sized mattresses. High-end indoor queen-sized mattresses can be expensive, but a fundamental indoor queen-sized mattress is cheap.

Typically a queen-sized mattress is cheaper than a King-size mattress because it is smaller. The prices of queen-sized mattresses depend on material quality and particular characteristics, such as zoning support or cooling gel. The price is driven up by natural materials such as latex, organic cotton, and wool. Due to differences in character, a queen-sized mattress of a particular brand can be more costly than the California king of a different mattress brand.

New Mattress Additional Costs

The first purchase price is the highest cost for a queen-sized mattress, but it is not the only one. You’ll want to budget for some extra expenses:

Shipping and installing charges: You may have to cover shipping, delivery, and/or configuration costs according to where you buy your queen-sized mattress. Expect to spend $50-$100 on shipping and even more on home delivery of white gloves if not included in the purchase price. For a surcharge, some companies even offer to remove your old mattress. Many online businesses now have free shipping available so take care to shop.

Fundamentals & Accessories: You’ll need to consider the costs of any accessories that you need after your initial queen-size mattress purchase. A base/box spring may be very expensive, and even small things such as a bed can add up. The cost of these items varies considerably, but accessories’ prices tend to scale as with the size of your queen-sized mattresses.

Warranty & Returns: Certain queen-sized mattress warranties and return policies involve expenses. For example, in the course of a guarantee claim, some manufacturers require the customer to pay for returned shipments, or a product return may have ‘restocking’ charges. Before buying, check the conditions of each policy.

The many hybrid layers of a hybrid queen-sized mattress make it costly. All-natural latex harvesting and processing can be expensive, which means higher prices in beds. High-quality hybrid queen-sized mattresses range from 900 to 5000 dollars.